Compak Asset Management’s goal is to generate superior returns with lower volatility, delivering wealth management solutions for its clients.

The Compak Research Advantage

Our research results are obtained from a combination of Fundamental research, Fund Research and Technical analysis.

  • 1Fundamental research involves a top-down analysis of global economic and market conditions. Apart from in-house research, Compak Asset Management utilizes the world class research resources of Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan for insight into markets. Fundamental analyses examine factors such as GDP growth, inflation, capital flows, interest rates, and currency movements, among other factors, to determine the risks and return opportunities of different sectors of the global economy. At Compak, fundamental research is used to determine the appropriate level of exposure to the markets and the sector diversification, both from an industry and geographical perspective.
  • 2Fund Research is required to determine appropriate mutual funds to invest in each asset class. Our fund selection model is based on a combination of Alpha generation capability, maximum drawdown analysis, standard deviation study and the momentum of net returns. Compak Asset Management employs the most trustworthy and talented managers to work for our client’s advantage.
  • 3Technical analysis is the method of evaluating securities by analyzing statistics generated by market activity, past prices and volume. Compak President, Moe Ansari has been using technical analysis for over 35 years. Apart from investing in the right sectors and funds, positions have to be bought and sold at the appropriate time to generate maximum returns and control risk. Compak uses proprietary software that employs tools such as momentum analysis and Elliot Wave analysis to determine the appropriate buy and sell triggers for our positions.

Mutual Fund Research
Technical Analysis
Compak Investment Strategy

Top-down Analysis of Global Economic and Market Conditions

The Top Down Views Implications for the Market
GDP Top Line Sales & Profits; Sector/Industry Selection
Inflation Pricing Power; Sector/Industry Selection
Debt Levels Firm’s Financial Leverage
Capital Flows Cost of Capital & Management’s Willingness to Take Risk.
Capacity Cost Pressures & Operating Leverage
Banks Willingness to Lend Financial Flexibility & Acquisitions
Asset Valuations Returns on Capital & Balance Sheet Liquidity
Interest Rates Debt Servicing Ability
Savings Rates Consumer’s Ability & Willingness to Spend
Currencies Profits from Foreign Competition


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