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Achieve Your Financial Objectives

Dates in Phoenix, San Jose, Palm Springs, Seattle, Denver, and Houston will be scheduled for 2016, check back often!

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New Compak Seminar Series

“It's Not What You Make, It's What You Keep That Counts!”

Compak’s Founder & President, Moe Ansari, will host this series of seminars that will not only help you make sense of the markets, but also provide you with important information that may help you pursue your financial objectives during these challenging times.

Moe Will Discuss

  • How to know if you are prepared for a recession
  • His outlook for stocks, real estate and interest rates
  • Strategies for managing your investments when markets are volatile.

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Financial Stratagies For Successful Retirement Educational Class


Preparing for Retirement is Probably the Single, Most Important
Financial Challenge You Face Today!

The course may help you answer these questions:

  • How can I plan for a comfortable retirement?
  • Can I retire early?
  • How can I manage my tax liability?
  • Are there ways to potentially reduce my exposure to financial risk?
  • How can I use stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other investments vehicles?
  • How can I provide form my heirs?

Course Agenda:


Setting retirement goals

Barriers to financial success

The power of compounding

The effects of inflation

Tax reduction strategies


Social Security benefits

401(k) plans

Employer-sponsored retirement plans

Traditional and Roth IRAs

Required minimum distributions


Potentially managing risk

Health insurance and Medicare

Disability income insurance

Long-term care

Pension maximization and life insurance


Importance of emergency reserves

Government securities

Municipal and corporate bonds

Equity investment overview

Common and preferred stock

Mutual funds

Tax-deferred annuities

Asset allocation techniques


Are you ready for retirement?

Stress and retirement

The new "working" retirement


Importance of estate planning

Understanding probate

Revocable living trusts

Tax reduction techniques


Latest positive psychology research

Strategies to enhance life satisfaction

Four-Month Satisfaction Strategy


Feroz Ansari is a Senior Principal and Portfolio Manager. He has a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation. He holds an MIM (Masters of International Management) degree from ASU - Thunderbird, Graduate School of International Management, Arizona.  He has completed risk management, trading, portfolio management, leadership and financial management programs at The Oxford University in England, INSEAD in France, Citibank Training Center – Singapore, Euromoney in New York. Feroz Ansari has taught Graduate level courses in Finance. Prior to joining Compak, Feroz worked in banking and treasury management.

Feroz has been selected to serve on the Client Advisory Council of Wealth Advisor Services at Fidelity Investment Institutional Service Company. He is also active in the local community. He serves on the Board of Advisors of University of California – Irvine’s Center for Investment and Wealth Management (CIWM). At CIWM he serves on numerous “Financial Literacy” sub-committees.

This course will be relevant if you are nearing retirement, already retired, or just beginning to develop your retirement plan.  The information you receive is completely educational, objective, and factual.  The course material may help you assess your current situation and develop a personalized plan to help pursue your retirement goals.

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