December 4th - San Jose Market Seminar

Free: Investment & Market Seminar - San Jose: 6:00pm-8pm


 Global Economic & Market Outlook

Sign up to meet with Moe Ansari and hear his investment outlook.

There is no cost for this seminar, but space is limited for this seminar event. Upon completion of this inquiry form, you will be contacted by a Compak representative to confirm availability.

Topics include

  • Moe Ansari's investment outlook.
  • Trade war - 3 outcomes - What are they and what do they mean for your portfolio?
  • The Fed expected to lower interest rates - learn how to structure your investments.
  • Global decline in interest rates - What are the geo-political and currency implications
  • Historically, during periods of low interest rates, how does the stock market do?
  • What is your Risk Number? 
  •           Riskalyze - Capture your risk tolerance and see if your portfolio fits you.
  • Answering questions from seminar attendees.



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